Tuesday, December 14, 2010

(pH) The Food We Ate

sebenarnya i am still waiting for 'it' to arrive. sigh this is getting longer than i expected :P ini adalah kerana saya sudah kurang sabar. remember the desperation part??? ;D

picture taken from www.ewashtenaw.org.

ok lets talk about pH of food. to make it simple, its good to eat alkaline forming foods. kadang2 sebelum masuk mulut alkali, lepas process it will leave acidic ash, no no, we dont want that. over acidity can trigger a lot of diseases. itu antara apa yang Pakngah pernah cakapkan so i googled,

"All foods are "burned" in the body--more commonly called "digested"-- leaving an ash as the result of the "burning", or the digestion. This food ash can be neutral, acid or alkaline, depending largely on the mineral composition of the foods"

contohnya chicken will produce acidic ash, even stress will trigger this increase of acidity. i tried a month without chicken. it was sooooo hard, every little thing contain chicken. food di kantin sekolah mainly chicken. even ikan pun menakutkan, pengawet mayat?? are you serious??

now, i will avoid chicken when i hve the choice.

Pakngah pernah juga tanya sejak bila manusia mula makan daging?

now, can you answer that? ;p

Let me give you a hint, "kapal Nabi Nuh". any ideas?

for a clearer explanation on pH of food dan lists of foods please visit here.

Interesting and clear enough for me :) actually kalau ada masa do your research and maybe even come up with alkalizing recipe. boleh kongsi di sini

for obvious reason i would try to;
1. avoid apa2 yang masam dalam tin. acid + tin = no good.
2. snack on kacang kuda yang direbus, not baaad.
3. makan kacang hijau yang direbus kosong (this one yet to try :D)
4. drink barley every chance i have.
5. minum ais waktu sejuk, minum air panas bila panas. hoh??? heeee ;D

and most importantly, try to enjoy food and listen to my body bila dia kata lapar and sudah tidak lapar. i hate counting calories, bagi aku it kills the fun of eating.tadi tgk Oprah*, she did discussed about culprit behind over eating, something about replacing atau diminishing negative feelings with eating. so one step at a time, makan bila lapar and do it without watching tv.wawahhhhhhh mencabar! ;p

ok girls, we are what we eat and lets just make peace of what we are :)

p/s: i never believe in cow's milk no matter how canggih the hype. not worth it!

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