Monday, January 31, 2011

Flew Of the Rack

if i can describe the situation right after i announced the Premium Beautiful CNY installment promotion. phewwwww dalam fitting room pun aku dok sibuk menalipon dan membalas mesej. alhamdulillah! to date, hanya tinggal 3 set sahaja! cepat!!!!

that explains my absence rightttt ;p pardon ya :) with cough and runny nose, headache from coughing too hard, rasa nak pengsan. hehe drama.

but i like it :)

i went to Kuantan last Sunday. I met a very very nice family. Shida and Syed and little Irdina. Tq shida, when you smile infront of the mirror after wearing your PB, that is one of the highlight of my business venture. priceless.

rasa seronok bila orang lain seronok! that is the beauty of business. helping yourself by helping others :)

then jumpa little Sufi Zahirah. My God! rasa nak pack budak kecik itu dan bawak balik umah!!! geram! geram!

suami hamba dan anak buah, sufi zahirah yang bersungguh2 'peace' ;p

today, another business appointment that went well.

:) alhamdulillah. i lerant alot from these experience.

and i got two cute shoes, at bargain price!


For formal work attire. what's so cute about this shoe?

tadaaaaaa.... dia ada gold accent kat tumit, comeyyyy dok?

and i bought a t-shirt.

alaaa a shirt je kan, kecoh la Anna nie!

the thing is.

it is form fitted and it fitted cantik-ly over my new curves.

i like!

heee... see harga baju RM23 pun kalau ada curves di mana yang sepatutnya, akan tetap nampak cantik! RM23 je uollllls!

next entry i will blog about business opportunity and husband's typical responses to business venture. opppsssss PANAS!!!! :D see you in the next update!

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