Tuesday, January 18, 2011

how would you spend your bonus?

you see.....



i googled this amazing picture :D

Berbaloi you darls. berbaloi! :)

phewww... ok, if you were given RM4500 as your first month working part time-ly (ok tahu perkataan tidak wujud ;p)bonus,

how would you spend the money???

i'll reveal soon!


Now, I am looking for business partners serata Malaysia, demand too high to cater. i need extra hands!

Jom ikut naik bas CDM Hanis Haizi and join me under leadership of DDM Salha Zain(Wanita Besi Premium Beautiful).... jom kita usaha qualify ke HONG KONG!!!! ALL EXPENSES PAID!!!

5 Stars Treatment and all!!!


and this business needs manusia waja yang positive. if you fit this two criteria. COME and JOIN US!!!!

Anna Banana
012 5366 246

aktiviti ini wajib ada. grainy picture. mahap.
from left: Betty, Ika, Anna Banana, Yanie Snowiffy.

Picture credit to talented Mr. Alfaath.
Mana saya?????? heeeeeee. i'll reveal in the next post.



Siti said...

yeeehaaa!!! the first bonus is in the hand..congrats dear!

ms lolli said...

nak jadi business partner =)

Anna Banana said...

Siti: yayyyyyyy!!!!! :D tq!

Ms Lolli: Jom! i need extra hands di Petaling Jaya!

Anyone from Sabah/Sarawak???

Pantai Timur???


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