Monday, February 28, 2011

Diamond Award Night 2011 - MIECC

weeeeeee :D when was your last time oogling over someone else's dress without any guilt looking like "too obvious". or when was your last time going "oohhhhsss" and "aahhhhsss" over someone else's achievements??? well i had my chance on 26th February 2011, Sabtu. dresses???? wow!!! achievements???? DOUBLE WOW!! pengsan i tell you. dah kang aku bebel tak habis sbb i really enjoyed my time over there, so inspiring. so full of positive vibes!

these pictures are from my humble BB and Iphone. ye sayang malas bawak camera. boleh gitu? tak muat masuk dalam clutch ;p

lets start!


sebelum masuk kita posinngggg dulu. cepat! liveband dah start!

of course, my mentor, my sister - Salha Zain. she is a Crown Diamond Manager but that nite naik pentas to receive Double Diamond Manager award. Mid year baru naik pentas sekali lagi. this time siapa designer you kak Salha?? ;D

Dream achiever. they achieved theirs, when will we achieve ours? we have to dream bebeh, and you dont have to explain it to anyone because it is yours. antara kita dan tuhan :)


seas of award receiver. kalau mereka boleh, kita?

the group :)

hahaaaa nak jugak tunjuk. i like this short dress! tapi lopaih ni den nak pakai gi mana laie? last2 kansel ;p comel jugak kan? saiz M for chinese body. chinese woman kan kocik-kocik tulangnya. M pun aku dah sukaaa sbb rangkaku besar ;D

so i settled with this. tudung, neclace and simple dress from Najjah (boleh pakai thousand of times), scarf from Arzu, ribbon belt from jiran kesayangan, Mai (yuhuuuuu mai aku muat skirt ko!!! tapi senteng! hihi so ribbonmu accentuate pinggangku and i got tonnes of compliments on size of waist. yay yay! ;p) and clutch, vintage peninggalan arwah mak * i miss her a lot :)*

nak jugaaakkkkk tunjuk. i got this from LEWRE for 50% discount! LOVE IT!!! it matches my Najjah necklace.

haaaaa. hehe tamatlah sesi oogling ya puan-puan cik-cik.

thank you cikyoi for supporting me *smooch**smooch* and alhamdulillah for everything.



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