Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Rock Chic??

ok, venue would be in Cheras.

Tarikh middle of July.

Occasion ialah Majlis Penganugerahan darjah kebesaran SM and SSM. camno boleh dapat SM and SSM??

SM/Sales Manager is when you collect 20,000 points in sales, equivalent to 10 sets of Premium Beautiful.

SSM/Senior Sales Manager is when you collect about 60,000 points in sales, equivalent of 30 sets of Premium Beautiful and with syarat theres one SM as your partner.

now, technically i am 1 set away of being SSM but aku rasa tarikh cut off dia May kot sedngkan this month aku SSM. err 30 sets babe. 10 sets Jan, another 19 sets for cash from Feb to June. part timely.

ok, berbalik kepda permasalahan sebenar.


aku nak tema "rock chic"
casual sikit kot sebab it will be held from 2 pm to 6 pm lebih kurang.

so please ideasss?????


contoh bayanganku ecehhh;

second dress fom left screams ROCK kan? adakah ianya chic???

clean lines with little ruffles macam kat tengah tu.

second from left macam casual sgt pulak ek?

wowweeee if only i can pull this off! love love love! clean lines and chic!

looks professional no? to make it a little more suitable for majlis maybe i add some serious bling?

you see. i am seriously clueless! but insyaAllah i'll go for pants this time around :)

on second thought maybe skirt pun ok, depends on how we match it.

Hai-O Diamond Night 2011

simple-last minute-menggelabah-purchase. takpolah den menyokong sajo.

masaelahnyo, this time den naik pontas!! uwaaaaaaa help!

pftt drama ;p

p/s:pictures credit to googles.

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Heartilyina said...

congrats syana on ur bisness. moga semakin mamu jaya. xretilah nk advice on what u should wear. tp ko pakai skirt lg cantik drseluar kot :)


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